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Fierce People

Dropped into a world more savage than anything in "National Geographic," more cutthroat than anything New York's grimy downtown streets have to offer-the exclusive rural community of Vlyvalle, New Jersey fifteen-year-old Finn Earl and his recovering mother must fight for survival.

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“A sweet coming-of-age book that mutates midway through into an overheated summer beach read, complete with sex, money, death, and incest — Wittenborn is clearly having fun.”

The Village Voice

“Wittenborn offers plenty of unusual spins on the usual coming-of-age formula, and his eclectic, idiosyncratic characters provide plenty of entertainment...this peek behind the scenes of a wealthy family remains novel and fascinating from start to finish.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Sharp and savvy, Fierce People is both a souped-up coming-of-age novel and a satire on class and the American aristocracy — a species which is commonly held nor to exist, but which Wittenborn anatomises with a wit and insight born of personal experience.”

Telegraph (UK)
“Fierce satire.”
San Diego Union-Tribune
“Wittenborn wields his moments of hilarity, but Fierce People is serious stuff, Earl an engaging protagonist, and this tale of irony and disillusionment sharp and commanding.”
Baltimore Sun
“A brilliant coming of age story.”
Denver Post
“Lurid and tremendously entertaining. Skewering the lifestyles of the wealthy is not a new sport, but Wittenborn brings a witty, decadent energy to it.”
Miami Herald
“For lack of a fussier phrase, this is a great [email protected]#ing story, and Wittenborn's book is no doubt the read of the summer.”
Black Book
“Punched-up with sexual awakening, loss of innocence, first love, drugs, battles lost and won, adolescent rebellion-Dirk Wittenborn captures it all with a bright and vivid intensity.”
—Bret Easton Ellis
“Fierce People is a whacked out hybrid of Dickens and Salinger, a compelling-and moving-coming-of-age novel…”
—Jay McInerney
“I found Dirk Wittenborn's grandly entertaining and wildly ambitious novel, Fierce People, to be both hilarious and heartbreaking.”
—Dominick Dunne
“A riveting page-turner that offers a haunting and fascinating glimpse into the lives of the super-rich-truly the fiercest class of all.”
—Candace Bushnell