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The Stone Girl

The Stone Girl is a riveting tale of deception, vengeance, and power set against the haunting beauty of the Adirondack wilderness.

“Wittenborn writes seductive prose that juxtaposes the rugged glory of the Adirondacks against the ugly undercurrents of humanity”

New York Times Book Review

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“A sprawling baroque thriller that had me in its grip all the way.”

— Richard E. Grant, Oscar-nominated actor, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Deep in the Adirondack Mountains lies a speck of a town called Rangeley. There isn’t much to this tiny town, but it is at the crossroads of serene fishing streams off the Mink River, pristine hunting grounds in the surrounding mountains, and vast estates of the extremely rich. It is also the gateway to the Mohawk Club, which houses the Lost Boys, an exclusive group of wealthy and powerful men with global influence and a taste for depravity.

Raised wild and poor in the shadows of the Mohawk Club, Evie Quimby was a teenager when she first fell victim to the Lost Boys. Seventeen years later, she is now a world-renowned art restorer famous for repairing even the most-broken statues. After spending half her life in Paris, establishing her reputation and raising her daughter Chloé, Evie has come a long way from the girl who left Rangeley behind. But when Chloé receives a visit from an elegant stranger who claims to be an old friend of her mother’s, the ghosts of Evie’s past return in full force, pulling her back to the North Country of her girlhood and into the tangled, intricate web of the Lost Boys. Evie bands together with her formidable mother and an embattled heiress, both victims of the Lost Boys, in pursuit of an unusual and heart-stopping vengeance.

“Dirk Wittenborn’s vibrant female characters refuse to turn themselves into commodities or victims. Suspenseful, witty, and wise, it is a compelling thriller.”

Susanna Moore, author of Miss Aluminum

“In The Stone Girl, Dirk Wittenborn tackles Wall Street corruption, sexual assault and trauma in settings so well realized you forget it’s fiction....If you’re looking to lie down with a baroque thriller, be ready to sit back up; The Stone Girl is quite a ride!”

Avenue Magazine May/June 2020

“A thriller from start to finish… from male violence and hubris to the bravery of strong women, the book’s plot twists and turns, use third person narrative and first-hand accounts that staple you to the page.”

Lee Woodruff, June 2020 Book Marks