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The Lucky Ones

Screenplay by Neil Burger and Dirk Wittenborn

Stuck at a closed airport while on leave from Iraq War service, soldiers Colee Dunn (Rachel McAdams), Fred Cheaver (Tim Robbins) and T.K. Poole (Michael Peña) decide to carpool to get to their far-off destinations. Colee wants to visit with her late fiancé's family, while wounded T.K. longs to see his future wife and Fred, needing fast cash to send his son to college, is headed for a casino. During the journey, the soldiers forge a bond based on their uncertain futures.

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Fierce People

Screenplay by Dirk Wittenborn

Finn (Anton Yelchin) is a teenager trying to escape his drug-addicted mother (Diane Lane) by going to study tribal people. His hopes are dashed when he gets caught scoring drugs for her, and she decides to start their lives over by moving them in with her massage client, billionaire Ogden (Donald Sutherland). At first, Finn indulges in the luxury around him and falls for Ogden's granddaughter (Kristen Stewart), but he soon finds that the rich can be more savage than any group in the wild.

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Born Rich

Produced by Dirk Wittenborn & Jamie Johnson

What is it like to be born into wealth? Not middle class, nice-holidays-and-eating-out-once-a-week wealth, but daddy-owns-a-skyscraper-and-mummy-owns-Idaho wealth? Is it empowering, luxurious and exciting, or alienating, demotivating and strange? Is inheriting more than most people earn in a lifetime a blessing, or a curse that carries with it a world of prenups, power struggles and family feuds?

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special
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